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HDDN FFRS • 2401

🎉🕺 Dive into the groove with HDDN FFRS's latest mixtape by Chris Marina! Featuring bangers like 'Thank You' by Block & Crown, Lissat, to the soul-stirring beats of 'Soul Spirit' by Paco Caniza, we've got your musical cravings covered. 💃🎶

From the mesmerizing rhythms of Keith Mac's 'Mesmerized' to the funky vibes of Kevin McKay's 'Uptown Funk', this mixtape is your ticket to a sonic adventure. 🚀✨ Let 'Million Dollar Bill' make you feel like a million bucks and 'Turn Up The Night' with Groovemasta. Whether you're in the mood for love with Romain Villeroy's 'Mon Chéri' or craving club vibes with GooDisco's 'Clubabble', HDDN FFRS has something for everyone.

Join us on this journey of epic beats and unforgettable melodies. Your ears will thank you! 🙏🎧