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DJ Chris Marina

Welcome to my little music universe <3
Listen to my latest mixtapes and enjoy.

HDDN FFRS • 2402

HDDN FFRS • 2402

Get ready to slide into the groove with the latest HDDN FFRS mixtape by Chris Marina! 🎉🎶 This week, we're bringing the beats that'll make your heart thump and your feet jump. From the soul-shaking vibes of "Can You Feel It" by DAN:ROS to the electrifying energy of "Feel It" by Antoine Clamaran, Lulu...

11th Jan 2024
HDDN FFRS • 2401

HDDN FFRS • 2401

🎉🕺 Dive into the groove with HDDN FFRS's latest mixtape by Chris Marina! Featuring bangers like 'Thank You' by Block & Crown, Lissat, to the soul-stirring beats of 'Soul Spirit' by Paco Caniza, we've got your musical cravings covered. 💃🎶

From the mesmerizing rhythms of Keith Mac's 'Mesmerized' to...

4th Jan 2024